The History of Wakeboarding at Cable Parks

The idea was an alternative to the costly, complicated and non environment friendly boat towing. The first course was built in 1962 by the German inventor. The basics of operation and technology have remained the same since. With the use of built in elements, the cables of newer courses are higher, and also the traditional four towers courses are being supplemented by one or two additional towers, so the bends are more easily tackled, mastering the courses has become easier. The further evolvement of the sports has caught attention of a wider audience.

Wakeboarding at Cable Park is now on the short list to become an olympic sport in 2020. The story is very  similar to snowboarding, which first occurred in the late 70’s, spread wild around the world in the 90’s only to end up a part of the winter games, in 1998.

Sports on the cable

Water ski

In Germany, and later in France, where – most likely because of the popularity of skiing – cableway courses for decades were used to adopt skiing on snow to water, with the help of slalom courses built out of floating buoys.


By joining the two skis together a more stable way of maneuver was established, and has also eliminated the entanglements of dual skis.



  This sport was invented by American surfers in the 80’s, when lacking proper waves. It was this stage when the spirit of „freestyle” emerged in towed water sports. The essence was not only the mere twisting and turning, but rather the even more complex, higher and delicate movements and tricks. By exploiting the laws of physics even further, a variety of obstacles are being used, such as the slider, the kicker, or the table, and their combinations.



Presented only a few years ago, but getting ever popular is the board smaller then a wakeboard, without bindings, which is unsuitable for high jumps. However, it has introduced new possibilities on smooth water, and also on obstacles. Wakeskating may be enjoyed wearing trainer shoes, freeing the rider from binding and unbinding.



Suitable for beginners, when those learning cable way sports have the opportunity to set off and enjoy sliding on the water without prior experience.


Beside the aboves there are further instruments that can be used to ride, like air tubes, wakesurf, etc.


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