Wake park rules

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It is important for all participants safety, to keep the rules listed below.

Anyone ignoring rules or the crews instructions will be called off from the cable without refund.

You always ride at your own risk.


  • It is mandatory to know how to swim.
  • It is forbidden to ride zyunder the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Each rider must wear a life vest at all time.
  • Helmet is mandatory for all riders at big cable.
  • Purchase of ticket visitor agrees to comply with the operating rules of wake park.
  • Admission to the pier is allowed only to persons with a valid ticket.
  • Persons under 15 years old must submit parental consent.


  • This attraction may not be used:
    • Visitors with pacemakers
    • Visitors with hteart disease
    • Pregnant women
    • Passengers, whose health could be due to the use of this attraction worsen
  • No sitting, kneeling or standing on the railing of the pier.


  • It is not allowed to ride the full size big cable before being able to carry out a confident water start. Beginners must exercise on the two tower system first. Ask for study ticket at the reception. A professional instructor will guide you and answer your questions.
  • If you see a person infront of you in the water, avoid in a big curve. If you are not confident, let go of the rope immediately and prefer yourself fall in the water. The consequences of conflict always carries pulled rider.
  • The obstacles are allowed to drive only with plastic or fiberglass fins to max height 2 cm. Any damage caused must be reimbursed.
  • Do not attempt to jumps if there’s fallen riders in front of you. Look at least 3 carriers ahead to make sure it is clear before any jumps.
  • Ride around the red buoys, from the right at every corner.
  • If you wish to exit at the end of the round, ride between two white buoys, raise your hand to signal the operator and let go of the rope.
  • If you fall, look back immediately. Pay attention to riders and empty ropes. If necessary, duck under the water. Once the way is clear, swim outwards of the cable and bring all your equipment with you.
  • Deepwater starts are forbidden. If the cable stops, release the rope and swim outwards of the cable.
  • To get back to the starting point, walk back on shore, use the floating walkway, or wait for the boat to pick you up.
  • Never put the handle between your legs.
  • Never wrap the rope around any body parts.
  • Obstacles are for advanced riders only.
  • It is forbidden to ride on obstacles with rental study boards.


  • Operation of a water park for the public daily 9:00 to 21:00 in the high season (6.15-9.15) and 12:00 to 19:00 in the side seasons (1.5. - 14.06. and 16.09. - 31.10.).
  • Purchase tickets the visitor agrees to adhere to rules and regulations of wake park. Admission to the pier is restricted to peoplewith a valid ticket.
  • Cables can not be operated in fog, storm, poor visibility and strong winds. Lift operation in this cases is terminated without compensation.
  • Technical problem longer than 5 minutes is extended of the time needed to resolve the issue to all hour tickets holders.
  • In the case of a large number of riders operator reserves the right to quit the ride after 3 rounds.


  • After ride each visitor is obliged to return the borrowed equipment. Rider has to pay any damages.
  • Lost or damaged tickets will not be refunded.
  • Cable Park is not liable for the loss or theft of money and other valuables in the whole wake park.
  • Operator reserves the right to change opening hours and price list.
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